How to Access Services

Services How to Access Services

To gain access to reserved parking on campus one must submit the appropriate application to the Office by for Rights to an Education together with the following documents:

• Certification on the state of disability;

• Parking permit (orange) reserved to disabled, issued by municipality of residence;

• Identity Document (ID).

The steps for accessing services and/or use of aids are:

  • request for the access and verification of requirements (different for first year and non first year students);
  • representation of needs;
  • setting up individualized interventions;
  • use of aids and services.

Requests for activation of services or the use of aids are related to the academic year in which they are presented. Therefore, interested parties must submit the appropriate application at the beginning of each academic year. If, for lack of funds or any other reason, it is not possible to accomplish all the requests received, services will be provided according to a ranking of priorities drawn up on the basis of objective evaluation criteria identified by the Commission itself.