Disability Organization

The Office For Rights to an Education offers a specialized service to guarantee to everyone the right to education and professional training, and to ensure a real participation and a fair autonomy to students with disabilities either congenital or acquired.

The Sector Disability - which is part of the Office For Rights to an Education - is the administrative and technical Board of the University responsible for investigation, procedural requirements and, basing on the University Regulations for Administration, Finance and Accounting, adoption of final measures for assistance to disable students.

The Sector Disability, inter alia, is responsible of the following activities:

  • collaboration with the Rector’s Delegate;
  • administrative support to the Commission activities;
  • preparation of administrative measures necessary for the acquisition of technical and teaching aids;
  • execution of all the administrative procedures resulting from decisions taken by the governing bodies in relation to disability;
  • writing of financial and technical reports regarding MIUR funds ex Law 17/99 and any other fund dedicated to the improvement of services for students with disabilities;
  • administration of specific projects aimed at improving services for students with disabilities;
  • inventory of disabled students requests and consequent actions for assistance;
  • inventory, management and maintenance of technological aids purchased for students with disabilities;
  • collaboration to activities for disseminating information.